Monday, 20 June 2016

Must read advice from June 2016 ACCA students!

It's worth remembering that you are not the first person to take your ACCA exams! The good news is that thousands of ACCA students have gone before you, so there is a wealth of experience that you can benefit from. 

Although before my time(!), this reminds me of a guy by the name of Dick Fosbury who revolutionised the high jump at the 1968 Olympics. By using a never seen before backward flop technique he won the gold medal against his rivals. From that day it became the standard way of jumping and 50 years later is still used by virtually all high jumpers. They have used the knowledge and technique they have gained from Dick Fosbury to achieve their own success. 

Similarly, you can also get the benefit of people that have gone before you in your ACCA exams. We asked students who have recently completed their June 2016 ACCA exams, what advice they would give to future students. Their answers are extremely valuable as there is no better source of information than the people that have actually taken the exams. 

We had some interesting answers - why not learn from their experience to take your revision to a higher level?! Here are the key points from the survey:

1. Revise all parts of the syllabus - anything can be assessed in your exam so don't make the mistake of focusing on your favourite areas. Our free ACCA online Study Texts are a great way to revise the entire syllabus and ensure you are fully prepared for the exams. 

2. Practise under time constraints - try to replicate real exam conditions when you attempt past papers. It's the best way to test your knowledge and perfect your time management skills under the pressure of the clock.

3. Answer all the requirements within the question - read the question carefully at least twice and make sure you answer all parts. You will miss out on important marks if you don't answer all elements of the question.

4. Start revising early - don't wait until the last month to begin your studies. This extra time will allow you to manage your revision better whilst also keeping a healthy balance with the rest of your life. Don't be a crammer!

5. Learn to manage your time effectively - Examiners often report that they receive rushed answers or even incomplete scripts. This is a sure way to lose marks. Give yourself time to answer all questions and resist the temptation to spend too much time on your preferred topics.

6. Plan your answers - Don't dive straight into answering a question without taking a moment to plan. This will help you to structure your answer and make sure all your points are being clearly addressed. Above all, avoid waffle and repetition as this won't get you marks!

7. Be prepared for surprises in the ACCA exam - past papers are a great way to revise but don't just rely on these. The examiners sometimes throw in a surprise, such as a topic that has not been assessed for a while.

8. Work hard!

In my opinion, the students have captured many of the key issues here, all great tips to help you achieve success in your own exams.

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